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The best producer of potato within the Chuvash Republic


About the company

The «Hail to potato» company is a large seed-production farm which specializes in production of seed and food potato using modern technologies and provides consultations on seed potato cropping.

The «Hail to potato» farming company LLC was founded in spring of 2001 in the Komsomolskoye village, Chuvash Republic.

The company was awarded with the «Quality Mark» in 2005 for the superior quality of the products. In 2008 the company was awarded with «The best potato producing company of the Chuvash Republic» title.

Production and storage of potato and other vegetables.

The company possesses its own testing field used for testing of more than 20 sorts of potato and studying of influence of various technologies on the yield value and quality of products. Only the best sorts of seed potatowhich have proved their best qualities during several years are introduced into production.

We constantly renew the seed stock in order to get higher yield.

The company possesses the newest agricultural machinery and equipment for sorting and loading of potato.
The availability of modern storage facilities equipped with the system of automatic microclimate control allows storing of the produced potato and supplying of high quality products to the customers all year round. The storage facilities capacity amounts to 20000 tons.

Growth of the produced goods volume

The company increases the volume of the produced seed potato each year.

In 2015 the total area of 740 hectares was planted with potato including 300 hectares with seed potato; 21 hectares were planted with carrot and 20 hectares were planted with beet. We renew up to 25% of seeds every year. The production process is strictly controlled by qualified agricultural specialists.

Supply of seed potato

The seed potato produced on fertile fields containing large amounts of humus and microelements is in great demand in Russia and the CIS countries.

The company supplies food potato to distribution networks of large cities such as Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Kirov, Perm, Volgograd, Ulyanovsk, etc.

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