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The best producer of potato within the Chuvash Republic


Potato production

Modern technology

The modern technology of production of seed potato consists in organization of an intensive production process while a well-considered marketing policy allows fast payback of the money invested into the potato production.

High farming standards

The main components of effective seed potato production include high farming standards which:
  • consist in creation of conditions necessary for complete realization of the potential capabilities for seed potato growth;
  • application of high-quality seeding materials;
  • intensive application of fertilizers and an integral system of plant protection;
  • comprehensive mechanization of technologic processes during seed potato cultivation, its harvesting and storage;
  • an optimal combination of the abovementioned components and a complex technology solution for production processes starting from soil processing ending in presale preparation of tubers provide high profitability of potato production.

Production optimization

Modern technology

The national technology of potato production is characterized by a number of disadvantages:
  • theres humidity loss during each cultivation run;
  • theres a possibility of damaging the root system of the seed potato;
  • theres a possibility of damaging the stolons which leads to detention of tuber formation.
We minimize the number of inter-row cultivation runs. Moreover we apply inter-row spacings which were broadened to 75cm. It allows optimal usage of agricultural machinery both during transportation and field works avoiding changing of the track width.

Experienced specialists

Experienced specialists

The companys specialists were trained in the Moscow region where they studied the seed potato growing technology applied in Netherlands. Our specialists take part in seminars, attend refresher courses and reeducate in institutes located in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Samara. According to the results of spring farm works and the results of the year the company pays bonuses. The employees are offered to recreate in sanitary institutions. Mass cultural events are conducted on a regular base.

High-quality seed material

The Hail to potato farming company purchases elite seeds from Netherlands. It also cooperates with Russian potato production institutes.
During growing of foundation seeds and elite seeds we strictly follow the seed potato growing technology:
  • distance separation is an obligatory and the most important condition for storage of healthy seed potato;
  • observance of crop rotation;
  • application of balanced complexes of high-quality mineral fertilizers;
  • protection against diseases;
  • phyto-cleaning, sort-cleaning, etc.

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