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Seed potato Colette (Colette)

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Immediately-early season potato sort

Basic information

Attractive tuber shape. Moderate requirements to the ground quality. The Colette sort is responsive to irrigation. The seed potato possesses good consumer properties due to early dry matter accumulation.

Seed potato properties

Cooking properties (EAPR): B-A, mainly with a moderately solid texture;
Tuber shape: elongated-oval;
Eyeholes bedding depth: superficial;
Jacket: very sooth, yellow;
Tuber size: large, uniform;
Consumer property:
Darkening degree in boiled potato: no;
Pulp color: yellow

Stability to diseases and pests

Stability to the nematode: Ro 1
Stability to the potato wart disease (Synchytr.):
Y virus (PVY): highly stable;
A virus (PVA): highly stable;
Leaf rolling (PLRV): relatively stable
Normal scab (Streptomyces scabies): stable;
Black stem (Erwinia spp.): stable;
Potato blight (Phytophthora infestans): stable;
Brown patch: stable;
Suitability for processing:
Pulp darkening: low
Susceptibility to mechanical impact: moderate
Quiescence: moderate

Seed potato planting peculiarities

In order to obtain medium-sized tubers the recommended planting distance shall be 28-30cm with the 75cm inter-row spacing. Inaccurate harvesting may lead to strong damage which further leads to deterioration of the quality and storage properties. This particular sort is characterized by a significant dormant period which provides good storability. Warming and greensprouting are recommended before planting. Be careful when planting sprouted seed potato.

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