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Seed potato Impala

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Impala (Netherlands)

Middle-early potato sort for table use. Fast weight gaining. Stable yield. The Impala sort suits for the south regions. With this sort it is possible to reap two harvests per season.

Sort characteristics

The tuber has an oval shape. The jacket is yellow. The pulp is light-yellow.

Grocery-ware tubers weight: 100-150g.
Grocery-ware tubers yield: 89–94%;
Number of tubers per one bush: 16–21; Yield: 200–460 centner/hectare;
Storability: 90%
Starch content: 10.5–14.6%.

Stability to diseases

A virus: stable
Yn virus: highly stable
Potato wart disease: stable
Curlytop virus: meanly stable
Potato nematode: stable
Potato top blight: meanly stable
Tuber blight: meanly stable
Normal scab: meanly stable

The advantages of the sort:

Fast tuber weight gaining (in 50 days). Early season sort. High yield. Good taste. The pulp doesnt get dark once the potato is boiled.

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